Découvrez The X-Files: Deep State avec notre entrevue exclusive

the x-files deep state

The 90s were ripe with great TV shows. The X-Files is one of them, relaunched in January 2016 with a 10th season after 15 years left in the dark. The paranormal and extra-terrestrial investigations led by federal agents Mulder & Scully still enthrall us after all this time. We couldn’t miss the arrival of a new videogame based off this series : here goes our exclusive interview!

Thank you for this interview opportunity. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about your job?

My name is Brandon, I am the Creative Manager on The X-Files: Deep State project. My main responsibilities are looking after everything outside of the production of the game.

How did you come up with the idea of creating a game based on the popular X-Files tv series? Was it you approaching the producers or the other way around?

Unfortunately this information is restricted under a NDA. (I don’t want any Men in Black paying me a visit!)

The X-Files Deep State is an adventure game. Why did you feel this genre was the best for this videogame adaptation of the show?

Adventure is a very, very, broad genre term, you can narrow it down many different ways. The style and format we’ve gone with fits perfectly with people who love The X-Files and enjoy playing a narrative rich, storytelling adventure. There are some fans on either end of the gaming spectrum that would disagree, but overall we have made a game that is very accessible to a wide audience.

x-files deep state

Like many others, I’m impressed by the visuals of X-Files Deep State. Were you inspired by popular games in the genre and if so, which ones?

We’ve had a lot of good comments on the visuals, of course a healthy dose of criticism as well from very discerning X-Files fans. We’ve gone to great lengths to capture the essence of The X-Files, including lots of easter eggs and references that only die-hard fans would know.

As for our inspirations, we’ve taken the best bits from many games we love and crafted them into this game.

the x-files deep state game

I was a bit surprised players don’t actually play as special agents Mulder and Scully. What’s the reasoning behind this design decision?

Good question, we actually made a video to address it:

This relates to X-Files related timelines. The events of X-Files: Deep State start to unfold sometime during spring 2010, taking place between the tv series season 9 and 10. Mulder and Scully have departed from the X-Files unit, but that’s not to say you might not bump into them at some point.

As X-Files fans, do you have a favorite episode from the tv show?

I think each member of the team would answer this question differently. Most of the 3rd and 4th season episodes resonate as our favorites, the show had really hit it’s stride and the mythology got really really intense by then.

Any final words?

If you’re in the La Salle, IL area Mar 2nd / 3rd we invite you all to come visit us at the X-Fest convention! We’re hosting a pre-party on Friday night, you can find all the details at http://www.thex-fest.com/